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MVProc Apache Module

MVProc Icon - This is the original module, written for the Apache web server.

It will run in any mpm, but worker and event are more efficient.


MVProc FastCGI

MVProc FastGCI Icon - Implemented as a FastCGI for lighttpd and nginx users.

I could only get about half the environment variables to the FastCGI from nginx, but I'm an Apache user, so if you figure out where I went wrong with the config, please let me know!


MySQL UDF cURL - This is a convenient library for an MVProc site. I use it to send mail on, but obviously it can do much more!


Raptor Anti-Phish

Raptor-AntiPhish Icon - Here's an example of an MVProc site. It generates phishing emails and tracks the response clicks, while providing a means to educate the link-clicker immediately.

This project also includes an emailing UDF that uses libesmtp (a more standard email library than cURL).